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How we work with sustainability

Our vision is to create value to our customers in all aspects of the value chain.

Noble Installation has an intension to develop products and repair methods that can provide life extended solutions. The benefit will be cost effective solutions for the customer and limited downtime for repairs and modifications. The environmental aspect of this philosophy will also contribute to an improved efficiency and capacity to existing production units.

A long with the extended life philosophy, we are also committed in our business strategy to be a part of the renewable energy industry. Our goal is to be a preferred supplier to contractors in the European offshore wind segment when regards to providing services, steel structures and equipment.

As a committed supplier, Noble has a responsibility to meet with UN’s sustainability development goals and as a company we highlight the four goals:

Affordable and clean energy

We support the renewable energy Industry and provides life extended solutions offshore.

Decent work and economic growth

We will ensure that we offer decent work and working conditions on equal terms to all our employees, secure jobs locally, invest in young talents and apprentices, develop skills and contribute to economic growth.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We will create awareness around energy consumption and energy-efficient solutions in our production and services, also with new acquisitions and investment in machinery and equipment.

Responsible consumption and production

We will encourage all employees to be conscious consumers and focus on reuse and recycling.

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