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At Noble Installation, we take pride in our ability to innovate cost-effective solutions and bring new ideas to life through patenting process. The patented solutions are designed to extend the life of both new and existing auxiliary systems. This will improve the integrity and reduce the downtime.

HotBolt™ - Self-aligning fastener

To allow for bolting of warped and non-parallel flanges

HotBolt™ is a bolt concept specially designed for use on steel structures exposed to elevated operating temperatures, heat cycles, and on steel structures exposed to temperature gradients. The optimal solution for Gas turbine exhaust systems, Waste heat recovery systems, HRSG & Steam systems, Incinerators & hot process systems and Flare systems.

The HotBolt™ is a further development of traditional Tension Bolts available in the market. The unique design of the HotBolt™ allows for bolting of structures out of parallelism and bolting of structures being severe warped and deformed due to heat cycles and temperature gradients. Examples on such structures are Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducting, WHRU and HRSG units, Exhaust Diverter Valves, Incinerators, and Flare Tip Piping.

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Temperature range

Up to 1050 °C.

Material selection

Inconel 718, Inconel 625, ASTM A354-660D, B7.


Metric or imperial, designed for each application.

Stress level

Accumulated stress level from HotBolt™ pre-tension and thermal growth in bolted material will not reach Ϭ proof.

HotSeal™ - Gasket for Exhaust System flanges

HotSeal™ is a high-performance gasket specifically designed for use in gas turbine exhaust systems. This gasket is made with a silica jacket that is reinforced with Inconel wires, making it highly resilient and able to withstand temperatures of up to 732°C.

HotSeal™ features a flange spacer strip that secures the correct gasket compression and a correct bolt pre-tension. This prevents the gasket from moving or shifting during operation, ensuring a reliable and leak-free seal.

Jacket material

Silica, reinforced with Inconel wires.

Sealer core

Inconel mesh sealer core.

Operating temperature

732°C continuous operating temperature.

Resilient properties

Maintained after heat cycle and long-term operation.

Flange Spacer strip

Securing correct gasket compression and a stiff bolt connection.

CCRM™ - Crack Cold Repair Method

Crack damages in exhaust system typically develops after few years of operation, depending on material selection, operational loads, and number of transient operations.

Typically, tempts are made to repair weld crack damages.
However, repair welding of crack damages has a limited life, and the cracks typically develop further after only few Start / Stop Cycles.

Noble Installation has developed the method CCRM™ for repair of crack damages, without use of hot work.

The CCRM has been applied on several Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems and has proven to extend the life with minimum 500 Start/ Stop Cycles.

AlphaFlex™ Expansion Bellow

General expansion bellows may have a limited life, and under unwanted conditions, yearly replacement may be needed. Noble Installation has in cooperation with LBH International in Denmark developed an Extended Life Expansion Bellow.

AlphaFlex™ Expansion Bellow is manufactured and field installed by Noble Installation.

  • Design life is 600 Start / Stop Cycles.
  • Offered with 4 years operational guarantee.
  • Offered with inspection borescope ports

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