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Noble Installation AS strengthens the organization

For a long time, co-owner and director of Noble Installation AS, Knut Olav Klever has had a desire to sharpen the company more towards sales and the market. As Managing Director, it has at times been challenging to combine these roles. Kurt Halsan has been employed as Quality and HSE manager at approximately four years. Now he takes over the role after Klever as Managing Director.

Kurt has 25 years of experience as a manager from other companies and is well equipped to take over as general manager with us, says Klever.

In the future, Knut Olav Klever will focus on leading the Department for Gas Turbine Equipment, as well as increase the focus on customers, the market and internationalization.
In addition, he will also focus on developing new products and business areas.

Noble Installation AS is in a phase where they are taking several steps to strengthen the organization. Among other things, a Project Engineer and a Design and Construction Engineer have been hired. In addition, they are in the process of hiring an HSE coordinator, TIG welder and an CNC operator for Plasma and Water Cutter machine.