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Marine, Cable & Subsea Equipment

A total supplier

What initially began as a service contractor has evolved to become a total supplier of modern sea cable equipment over the past years.

Since the beginning, Noble Installation has been working towards the sea cable industry. We have experience with production of cable laying, cable handling, cable repair and subsea equipment. Working close with our customers, we can identify functional and effective solutions for each case, as well as carry out engineering, production, documentation, installation, and testing of equipment.

Cable and subsea products

To enable our customers to carry out activities related to power, umbilical and fibre optic cables, we manufacture customised equipment in our facilities. We have among customised equipment, produced the following equipment for our customers:

Cable laying / Cable handling equipment:

  • Chute
  • Cable tracks / roller windows
  • Tensioner machines
  • Emergency cutters
  • Laying towers
  • Pick-up arm
  • Turntables
  • Cable quadrants
  • Trencher equipment
  • Pull-in head
  • Hang off system
  • Under roller reel system
  • Guide weight/ cable laying machines
  • Handling system for guide weight

Subsea equipment:

  • Umbilical termination assembly, UTA
  • Umbilical termination head, UTH
  • Mudmat
  • Protection sleeves
  • Bend restrictors
  • Bellmouth

Seafastening equipment

Seafastening systems are often tailored to the specific type of cargo or equipment being transported. The primary goal is to maintain stability and structural integrity while withstanding the forces encountered at sea, such as waves, wind, and vessel motions.

The seafastening techniques can vary depending on the nature of the cargo and vessel, and our engineers design tailored seafastening for each case.

We can offer and conduct the following processes:

  • Welding of structures or frames to deck.
  • Lashing and strapping with fibre/steel straps, chains, or ropes with combination of tensioners, shackles, or hooks.
  • Bracing and chocking with wedges, blocks, or braces.
  • Combination of steel beams, brackets, clamps.
  • Maintenance and inspection of existing seafastning.

We design and implement robust and reliable methods to prevent movement of equipment during transit. Seafastening procedures must comply with international standards, classification regulations, and local maritime laws to ensure safety and adherence to industry best practices. Regular inspections and testing are important to verify the current state of the seafastening arrangement.

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