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Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems

Creating value to our customers

Our clients are typically Gas Turbine Operators, Oil & Gas companies, Maintenance contractors and Turbine manufacturers. Among our customers, we have a long collaboration with one of the world’s largest Gas Turbine manufacturers.

Based on our experiences and engineering skills, we have also been awarded a long-term frame agreement with a large oil company, covering supply of new equipment, engineering, modifications, maintenance, and field services.

In collaboration with our partners, we can support you with the latest components, spare parts, upgrades, and solutions.

Our engineering and service solutions can help boost the reliability and flexibility of your gas turbines—while reducing their environmental footprint and the cost of production. 

Noble Installation is committed to:

  • Reliability and availability
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Limited down time for field modifications
  • Enhanced Gas Turbine
  • Efficiency & Shaft Power
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission to environment
  • HESQ compliance

50 years of experience

Noble Installations’ senior employees have up to 50 years’ experience and knowledge in engineering of new Gas Turbine installations, and in engineering of modifications and remedial activities.

Nearly all Gas Turbine installations will from time-to-time suffer from operational problems.

The problems may be related to unfortunate issues during unit new design and field installation or may be caused by not optimal maintenance routines and procedures.

Remedial actions and modifications may have been decided by personnel not possessing required Gas Turbine Packaging Engineering and Operational Experience, impacting on unit Availability and Reliability.

It is crucial that modifications and remedial actions are substantiated by extensive
knowledge within:

  • Turbine Package Engineering.
  • Turbine manufacturer’s design and installation requirements
  • Plant design parameters.

Exhaust system hot spots

Exhaust systems with crack damages and leaking flanges will suffer from external surface hotspots. Hot spots may also be caused by degraded thermal insulation.

Surface hot spots with elevated temperatures may result in a hazardous situation if exposed to gas.

Noble Installation has developed and qualified a repair method to reduce hot spot temperature levels.

Typical exhaust duct hotspots.
Developing own products and patents

Our business strategy is to develop and patent own products and methods.

Among patents filed by our staff members are:

  • Method for cleaning of turbo-compressor rotating blades.
  • Method for cold repair of crack damages in steel construction.
  • Flange gasket with compression spacer plate.
  • Self-aligning bolt with spherical extension sleeve.
  • System and method for condition monitoring of gas turbine Exhaust System.
  • Condition monitoring of exhaust systems.
  • Flange for gas turbine exhaust duct.
  • Locking nut with crimp neck.
  • Flange gasket with compression spacer plate.
  • US Patent: Base frame for a gas turbine.
  • US Patent: Turbine pack and method for adapting a turbine pack.
  • Method for cooling of gas turbine exhaust system.
  • Cooling and ventilation system for a Gas Turbine package.
  • LM2500 PT blade tip clearance control by active ventilation system.
  • Method for cooling of gas turbine exhaust gas.
  • US Patent: Gas turbine package with combined adapter and engine mounts for LM2500 and LM2500+ gas turbine engines.
  • Insulation panel for thermal and acoustic insulation of gas turbine exhaust ducting.
Auxiliary systems

Noble Installation engineering discipline capabilities are relevant to most Turbine Installation topics, including new Turbine Package engineering, studies, offshore modifications and field installation of:

  • Turbine Air Inlet System
  • Turbine Ventilation System
  • Exhaust Auxiliary System
  • Turbine Enclosure
  • Lube Oil System
  • Fuel System
  • Starting System
  • Electrical components

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