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CCRM™ – Crack Cold Repair Method

Crack damages in exhaust system typically develops after few years of operation, depending on material selection, operational loads, and number of transient operations.

Typically, tempts are made to repair weld crack damages.
However, repair welding of crack damages has a limited life, and the cracks typically develop further after only few Start / Stop Cycles.

Noble Installation has developed the method CCRM™ for repair of crack damages, without use of hot work.

The CCRM has been applied on several Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems and has proven to extend the life with 500 Start/ Stop Cycles.

CCRM™ Corner Reinforcement Profile

General expansion bellows may have a limited life, and under unwanted conditions, yearly replacement may be needed. Noble Installation has in cooperation with LBH International in Denmark developed an Extended Life Expansion Bellow.

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