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Manufacturing Equipment

Production facilities

Noble Installation have designed and built 600 square meters of office space and 1750 square meters of workshops for fabrication, assembly and testing. We have invested in a very modern facility, having the most modern welding equipment, plasma cutter, water jet cutter, sheet metal rolling equipment and a CNC machining center. For dimensions out of range for our in-house machine park, we use qualified sub-suppliers to suppliment the request.

Noble Installation is equipped with a wide range of machinery. We can deliver complex and high-precision steel structures to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. To ensure precision and efficiency in welding, we have invested in advanced equipment such as welding positioners, turntables, and roller beds.

We also have a deburring machine to remove any sharp edges or burrs from our steel sheets, ensuring that the final product is safe and meets the highest quality standards.

At Noble Installation, we are dedicated to investing in the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry. We have gradually expanded our expertise and capacity and are still growing.

CNC Lathe machine

Haas DS-30Y

Max Part SwingØ 533 mmX Axis239 mm
Max Cutting Length (varies with workholding)826 mmY Axis± 51 mm
Bar CapacityØ 76 mmZ Axis584 mm

CNC Milling machines

Haas VF-11/50

X Axis3048 mmLength3048 mm
Y Axis1016 mmWidth711 mm
Z Axis762 mmMax weight on Table (evenly distributed)1814 kg

Haas VF-5/40

X Axis1270 mmLength1372 mm
Y Axis660 mmWidth610 mm
Z Axis635 mmMax weight on Table (evenly distributed)1814 kg

Daewoo Mynx 500

X Axis1020 mmLength1200 mm
Y Axis510 mmWidth500 mm
Z Axis625 mmMax weight on Table (evenly distributed)800 kg

CNC Cutting machines

WJS NC 4020 Beveljet

Width2000 mm
Length4000 mm
Max thickness200 mm

ESAB Eagle 2500

Width2000 mm
Length6000 mm
Max thickness (carbon steel)30 mm

Ermak CNC HVR 3100x16

Width3000 mm
Max thickness (stainless)12 mm
Max thickness (carbon steel)12 mm
Max thickness (alu)15 mm

Press brake

Ermak CNC AP 3260

Width3000 mm
Max thickness (stainless)6 mm
Max thickness (carbon steel)10 mm
Max thickness (alu)20 mm
Ton100 T

AKbend AHS 20/20

Working width2050 mm
Max thickness25 mm

AKbend ASM 110-10

Working width1050 mm
Max thickness5 mm

Profile bending machines

Amob PT 76 - Tube bender

RadiiØ tube

AKbend APK 101


HolzMann RBM 30

Welding positioners

Firo 4000 HHT

Capacity4000 kg
Table diameter1000 mm + (750 mm)

Welding machines

Kemppi X5 Fast Mig

Pema Roller Bed 10T

Max load/unit5 T
Max rotation10 T
Min diameter500 mm
Max diameter4500 mm

Deburring machines

DiscMaster 4TD (1m)

Working width1500 mm
RadiiUp to 1 mm
Material thickness0,3 mm - 70 mm (100 mm)

Bandsaw machine

Bomar Workline 610.450 DGH

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