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About us

Noble Installation

Our business areas are marine operations, offshore installation, mechanical production, installation, repairs and maintenance. Our business is to a large extent focused on the offshore/maritime sector, but also include land based industries.

Mechanical installation offshore was the basis for establishing Noble. Noble Installation personnel are highly qualified professionals with long and varied experience. We have specialist competence on gas turbine exhaust systems, equipment for subsea power cables, piping, tubing and structures. We perform general and detail engineering, using the latest versions of Autodesk for design and analysis. Noble Installation AS has developed a range of own products, which enables quicker, safer and more cost-effective repair of exhaust systems for gas turbines. Noble Installation AS employ in excess of 50 people in our own offices and workshops at Rudskogen Industrial Park.


Creating value to our customers

Noble Installation’s vision is to be an innovative and adaptable industry company, providing sustainable solutions for the maritime, offshore and land-based sectors. Our vision is to create value to our customers through a team of skilled project engineers, a state-of-the-art mechanical workshop that delivers on time and adapts to customer’s needs, and a focus on developing innovative solutions and patents that lead the industry forward.

Our ambition is to keep expanding as a business to meet the future within all our business areas, by investing in people, machines and production capacity.

Our history

The growth / expansion of Noble Installation

In the first years the focus was largely on offshore work, mainly in the North Sea, but also other parts of the world like Guadalupe, Canada, Bahrain and Malaysia. In 2003 we received the first assignment within the laying of submarine cables. This quickly became one of our most important areas of work, and has brought our employees around the world.

The office was established at Tjernæs farm in 2001. In 2007, Noble Installation AS and Noble Eiendom was established, and Noble AS became a parent company. We invested in an industrial property at Rudskogen, and in 2010 we moved into our new bilt premisis.

Our new premises made it possible to continue with mechanical production and engineering at a new level. Considerable sums were invested in machinery and equipment, and not least people.

Today Noble Installation is a complete business which performs engineering, product development, project management, manufacturing within sheet metal, welding, tubes, machining, in additional to special load testing, inspections, offshore services, installation and maritime operations.


18th of February 2000 was the company founded as Noble AS.


Start-up with offices in the rebuilt barn at Tjernæs farm in Rakkestad.


Installation of gas-facility for housing, industry and agriculture.


First Cable laying assignment.


Establishment of Noble Installation AS.


Investment of an Industrial property on Rudskogen, Rakkestad.


Personnel on a Cable project in the Middle East with a duration of 2 years.


Moving the business into new building facilities at Rudskogen.


First assignment on rig.


Expansion with a new building holding a workshop and storage area.


Investment of CNC water Jet.


Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834.


HotBolt is developed and patented among other products.


First order placed in offshore UK.


Contract for the delivery of three new gas facilities for the Ula platform in the North Sea.


Investment of CNC machines and establishment of a machine centre in the workshop.


Enters into a framework agreement with an International Oil Company.


20th Anniversary.


Certified according to EN-NS 1090.


Aquire 55% of the shares in LBH Nordic Compensators AS.

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